Embark on a hands-on culinary adventure at Ovoka Farm with our exclusive cooking class featuring Chef Pete from Chef Feature. You’ll learn to create a holiday beef masterpiece using Ovoka F1 Wagyu beef, expertly paired with local Virginia wines, and craft two sensational side dishes. Of course you’ll get to enjoy the dish you create and have the opportunity to purchase Ovoka Wagyu beef to make it for your friends and family!


Exquisite F1 Wagyu Beef: Explore the art of cooking with Virginia’s finest F1 Wagyu beef, celebrated for its rich marbling and extraordinary taste. You’ll have the opportunity to purchase your holiday cuts while you’re here at Ovoka.

Hands-On Culinary Adventure: Locally-renowned Chef Pete will guide you in creating a holiday beef dish that’s nothing short of a culinary masterpiece, allowing you to actively participate and enhance your culinary skills. Plus, you get to enjoy the delicious dishes you create and take the recipes home with you.

Local Virginia Wine Pairing: Enjoy local Virginia wine, thoughtfully paired to enhance the flavors of your holiday creation.

Two Sensational Side Dishes: Craft two side dishes that will complement your main course beautifully.

Prepare for the Holiday Season: As the holiday season approaches, equip yourself with the culinary expertise and recipes you need to dazzle your family and friends with an unforgettable holiday meal.

Scenic Farm Setting: Ovoka Farm’s picturesque surroundings provide a inspiring backdrop for your hands-on culinary journey.