Recharge Mind, Body, and Soul in Fauquier County

There’s so much more to wellness than meets the eye. While wellness may be perceived as something that’s achieved outwardly, true holistic wellness is a result of balance between the mind, body, and spirit. When you need a reboot, Fauquier County is a health-centric haven that specializes in spurring you on in your wellness journey. From workouts and day spas to alternative medicine and good-for-you food that authentically nourishes, a trip to Fauquier County will rejuvenate you from the inside out.

Traditional Movement

Moving the body can profoundly still the mind to recalibrate your whole being. At Main Street Wellness, a wide array of yoga, Pilates, and barre classes, including warm vinyasa and yoga sculpt, are offered throughout the day. Plyoga (using yoga for recovery after plyometric intervals) is also a must-try for much-needed stress relief.

Vint Hill Yoga tailors your experience to what your body is craving in mindful and unique ways. Try a Rise and Shine class to harness yoga’s energizing benefits at the start of your day, or wind down with a Deep Stretch class. To feel the burn in all the right ways as your muscles lengthen and strengthen, reserve a spot in one of their barre fusion, body sculpt, or POUND classes.

For individualized attention as you flow through postures and breathwork of vinyasa, kundalini, and yin yoga, Lee Lorber at Equipose Yoga designs classes to reconnect yourself to your truest form. Your deeper tissues of your body will feel wonderfully released as you take your mantra from class with you throughout your day.

Whether you’re looking for your tried-and-true method or to explore something cutting edge, Old Town Athletic Breathe has essentially all you could desire in the realm of yoga and Pilates. With 32 classes weekly and 14 certified instructors in methods from reformer Pilates to hot vinyasa and asanas, you’ll bend your body while mending your mind and soul.

Alternative Wellness

While life in the 2000s may be synonymous with screen time and ultra-processed foods, recent technological advances using basic health elements like light and oxygen are becoming increasingly popular to nurture your body in new ways.

Feeling a little blue? Schedule a light therapy session at Warrenton Wellness. Enter their Blu Room, a patented technology that surrounds you in UVB rays, giving a dose of Vitamin D while easing anxiety and opening your brain’s creativity pathways.

Warrenton Oxygen Wellness (WOW) offers hyperbaric oxygen dives to infuse oxygen into every single cell of your body. This innovative process heals injured cells, in turn lowering inflammation, increasing immunity, and much more.

Healthy Eating

A recipient of the “National #1 Retail Excellence” award, The Natural Marketplace makes navigating a balanced life simple – from scrumptiously nutritious meals to functional medicine services. Try their most popular curried chicken sandwich on a paleo wrap with a Lavendar Fields smoothie bursting with grapes, blueberries, and dried lavender. 95% of everything on the menu is organic, so practically anything you choose will provide your body with nutrient dense, whole foods. The first floor of The Natural Marketplace offers appointments for numerous health services including blood microscopy and ion foot bath detox, perfect for learning more about how to best serve your body or flush out impurities.

For meals that are more like preventative medicine, Warrenton Wellness Kitchen serves up dishes featuring fresh and local ingredients with an international twist, Tuesday to Friday. You can also sign up for a subscription meal plan or even a personal chef service – perfect for locals or stocking your fridge with wholesome options for the duration of your stay in Fauquier County.

Goodness and Grace Bakery, Market, and Café has just the right ratio of pick-me-ups, mellowly cozy vibes, and homemade bites to make you feel good every time you walk in the door. The toffee nut latte, served by the friendliest baristas, will have you at the first sip. Pair it with a scratch-made cinnamon roll for a treat that’s truly worth the splurge – after all, a healthy lifestyle must be sustainable (read: 80/20) to continue being attainable, right?

Toast to gut health with a tasting flight at Mad Magic Kombucha. All varieties – including creamsicle, elderberry, and lemon rosemary – are probiotic-rich, organic, vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO yet mouth-wateringly delicious. An alternative to a traditional libation, this bubbly beverage will put an amino-acid sponsored spring in your step. Don’t forget to pick up an assortment of kombuchas before you leave.

Day Spas

The options to unplug and unwind in Fauquier County are almost as limitless as the choices of services at the local day spas. As the recent winner of 3 “Best of Fauquier” awards, Salon Emage is the place to make an appointment when what you see in the mirror needs a refresh – from hair, makeup and nails to quick skin fixes to make zits gone in a flash.

Studio 22 Salon and Spa will embrace you as you walk in the door a la Cinderella for one of their many services, including a haircut, balayage, lash extension, or facial. Emerge as the belle of the ball, no matter where the rest of the day takes you.

To check out of reality and into the serenity of the Virginia countryside, Poplar Springs Manor is where to go to find your zen and zone out. Try one of their signature treatments like the Hanakusumi Body Renewal for exfoliating decadence, or the CBD Pain Relief Massage to knead out aches and pains while relaxing the nervous system. Day passes to enjoy their calm poolside deck are also available.

For a spa day with lasting results, Virginia Regenerative Medicine offers the best in medical massage, corrective facials, and injectables like Juvéderm. Treat yourself to a Storz Acoustic Shock Wave massage that targets scar tissue and calcification or indulge in a hydrafacial for deep cleansing and extraction. Their large selection of medical-grade skincare from Skin Better and Neocutis makes creating a home self-care regimen a breeze.

Make it a Weekend of Wellness

Accommodations in Fauquier County will make your time here a truly all-inclusive wellness retreat, from the moment your feet hit the floor to when your head hits the pillow. Let your soul sprawl out over Airlie Hotel and Conference Center’s 300 acres of blue skies and rural hills. Even though you’ll be nestled into a country cottage retreat, you don’t have to forgo modern comforts like flatscreen TVs and high-speed WiFi no matter what room you choose.

For a getaway that feels like you’ve been transported back to the golden age though just steps away from restaurants and attractions, The Rooms Up There at the Rosemary is the area’s premier boutique lodging. Three light-filled suites boast historical Victorian charm that’s been quaintly updated – since the 1800s – with well-manicured additions to make you feel at your best, like accessing your room via a private courtyard.

Refresh and Restore in Fauquier County

Just like a pond when a stone is thrown into it, you create a ripple effect for those around you when you’re living a life of holistic wellness. Let a visit to Fauquier County be the wave that brings your mind, body, and spirit into harmony with one another, for you and so many others in your path. Explore more ways to embrace your best self in Fauquier County by clicking here today.

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