Southern Fauquier Historical Society

Southern Fauquier Historical Society

Southern Fauquier Historical Society, Inc. is a group of everyday people joined together for the purpose of documentation, preservation, and education of future generations on the history, culture and growth of Fauquier County and the surrounding areas.

Our interests are not limited to one period time, culture or interest.  Our purpose is to promote the belief that a community’s history is an integrated fabric of both physical and social elements embracing all social, cultural and ethnic groups woven together through a series of events. The factual presentation of these events without censorship or revisionism is critical to preserving our heritage.

To this purpose we strive to preserve history by on going educational programs related to the history of Fauquier County; and provide a venue for researchers and genealogist to both research and share their findings with other lay and professional historians. Our membership meetings are the third Tuesday of the month, and are open to all historians.

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