In case you missed Historic Garden Week, or perhaps you just want to come back and see the gardens in a new state this June!

The Oak Spring Garden Foundation is a legacy of the designer, horticulturist and philanthropist Rachel Lambert “Bunny” Mellon. Mrs. Mellon’s hope was that her extensive collection of rare books, artwork, and other materials relating to plants, gardens, and landscapes could continue to be used for education and inspiration.

Come be inspired by her formal walled garden and bask in the shade of the Mary Potter crabapple arbor as you take a self-guided stroll through the marvelous landscape in Upperville, Virginia. Selections from “Fantastic Flora” a digital educational exhibit that blends art, culture, history, and science to explore the role of plants in both human history and the natural world will be featured. Also on display is “Oak Spring: A Place to Grow” an exhibition featuring artwork by alumni of the Oak Spring Garden Foundation’s Residency and Fellowship Programs.