Historic Area.

Even after the chilly breezes of autumn have stripped them of their leaves, trees provide clues to their identification by way of their bark, leaf scars, and other individual characteristics. Explore Sky Meadows’ diverse forests and find the key characteristics that will help you to identify any tree, even in the winter months.

The program begins outside the park’s Log Cabin, with an informative introductory presentation on tree anatomy, symbiotic and parasitic relationships among trees, tips and tricks to winter tree identification, and more. Then, test your new winter tree identification skills on an approximate 2-mile guided hike along the park’s wooded trails. Bring water and lunch to eat along the trail, dress in layers, and wear sturdy shoes.

$10/car parking fee.

More info: https://www.dcr.virginia.gov/state-parks/sky-meadows, 540-592-3556, [email protected]