How did you come to own a brewery?

I opened Forge Brew Works in Lorton in 2012 after deciding I wanted to change careers from Aerospace Engineering.  The law in Virginia had just changed to allow in-house tap rooms, which made opening a smaller brewery feasible.   I had been brewing as a home brewer for 10 years before opening Forge, and had always daydreamed about opening a brewery, so it was an easy decision.  About  5 years ago I moved to from Alexandria to Warrenton, and Ashley and I decided to move the brewery to Warrenton after the lease was up, so we bought some land, built a barn, and changed our name from Forge Brew Works to Barking Rose to better represent the new farm location.  We got the name from our last name – Rose – and Ashley’s maiden name – Barker.

What made you take a leap of faith to be a business owner?

I really wanted to work with my family, and I wanted to make beer that I wanted to drink.  Having a small business I get to do lots of things, and I get to take my kids to work with me.  The benefits of having a family business are just incredible, but I wouldn’t have ever been able to contemplate it without the support of my immediate family, my extended family, and all of my friends.  It isn’t a small thing to do, and without them I wouldn’t have ever been able to open a small business.

Why Fauquier County?

We live here, our kids are growing up here, and we love it.  The county is full of incredible people who are huge supporters of small businesses, we have other people nearby in the same industry who are a blast to hang out with and collaborate with, and the county just has the right feel for a relaxing farm brewery.

Proudest moment in business?

Winning 2 medals at the Virginia Craft Beer Cup our very first year in Fauquier (2020).

Favorite place in Fauquier County?

Other than the farm?  Old Town Warrenton is just a delightful, fun place to relax and have a great time.

Favorite place to take out of town guests?

I enjoy taking them to all of my friends’ breweries and wineries in the area, and getting to show off how great the people are around here.  Also I get to show off my friends’ places at the same time, which I enjoy almost as much as I love giving tours at Barking Rose.

For More Information Contact:

Matt Rose
9057 Old Culpeper Road
Warrenton, VA 20186

Phone: 5409356206
Email: [email protected]