Now home to around 15 wineries & vineyards, Delaplane’s gently rolling landscape offers ideal soils and terrain for growing grapes.

Delaplane is a quintessential “railroad town.”  In 1852 the Manassas Gap Railroad sliced through Moore Carter’s farm on its way to the Shenandoah Valley in 1852.  Soon thereafter, buildings sprouted around this place called “Piedmont Station.”  In 1874 it was renamed Delaplane in honor of the town postmaster.

The town’s signature buildings are its two almost identical brick warehouses along the tracks.  These are some of the only surviving buildings of their type in present day Virginia.  A close examination along the road and tracks reveals a remarkable array of other unique features reflecting the villages history.

In mid-July 1861, the Confederate army hauled over 6,000 soldiers to Battle of First Manassas.  This rapid transfer of troops marked the first time in history that railroads were used to move troops to the site of battle and was arguably a contributing factor to the Confederate’s victory at that battle.  In November 1861 Union forces occupied Piedmont Station.  In October 1864 the original railroad station was destroyed by Mosby’s Mountain howitzers.

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