Halfway was a stagecoach stop named because it was located halfway between the Plains and Middleburg. It was originally named Long Branch from 1820 to 1856 and served as a post office from 1877 to 1910.

 The Long Branch Church remains one of the town’s more distinctive architectural features. The congregation was formed in 1776. The current Church was built in 1795 and a wing was added in 1959 by Hugh Griffith. The Church stands atop a small hill and overlooks the village. The Halfway school was built in 1875 and remodeled into a store by Claude Wrenn in the early 1900s. Both the store structure and Wrenn’s large home with a wrap-around porch (1905) are still standing. The second Halfway school was built in 1905 across the road from the original. It was converted into a store in 1931.

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