The most mountainous region of Fauquier County, today, Linden is the location of several wineries.  Linden played a prominent part in the rich history of northwestern Fauquier since it was the location of a mountain gap providing access from the Virginia Piedmont to the Shenandoah Valley.

According to historian Eugene Scheel, the gap was first called Calmes’ Gap for Marquis Calmes who moved to the valley from the gap in the 1730s. Later it became known as Manassas Gap. A road marker notes that the area was first explored by John Lederer in 1670.

The Appalachian Trail crosses through Linden at Route 55 and Rt. 638.

The building of the Manassas Gap Railroad around 1850 spurred growth and facilitated the movement of apples to port for shipment to Europe. The area around Markham and Linden hosted 25 apple orchards which thrived around the mid-1700s until the early 1950s.

This area was a hotbed of activity in the Civil War as a strategic location in the mountains with a railroad. The Battle of Manassas Gap took place in the Linden, Belle Meade, and Markham vicinity.

The Linden Methodist church was built in 1849, and remodeled in 1892 and 1956. Additional architectural and historic research conducted in consultation with local residents can determine the age and significance of structures in Linden, including what historic resources remain in the vicinity of Route 55 at Fiery Run Road.

The area is speckled with buildings dating from the late 18th century through the 1940s. Linden spans the county line into Warren County but contains a number of significant buildings on the Fauquier County side.

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